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Live as you teach - contribute to a sustainable world

More and more companies and organizations actively work with sustainability matters and many are focusing on CSR.

It is about taking social responsibility and the business impact from environmetal, economcal and social perspectives. By taking responsibility you reach a reduced consumption of resources and by optimizing the resources also comes increased profit.

When you take environmental responsibility, it is about utilize resources in a long-term sustainable way, that the products are not dangerous and that the transports to customers takes place in an environmentally friendly way and are climate offset. The business may to a life cycle analysis on its products to get an overall picture of the total environmental impact, from raw material extraction and production to waste management and recycling.

One good way to reduce your emissions of carbon dixoide and other gases is to educate your employees in eco driving, both for driving to the workplace as well as for those travelling in business or transporting goods. The education is particularly cost efficent if it is held on your own computer. Some other examples can be carpooling, utilize public transport and when buying new company cars, select environmental cars run on renewable fuels.

Economic responsibility consists of ethical responsibility without compromising profit and return. The ethical responsibility covers the business' values, code of conduct, business ethics, which requirements are asked from subcontractors and responsibility for the products or services which you provide.

A part of the economic responsibility can be to publish a sustainability report, either separately or as part of the regular annual report. Economic efficiencies should be planned together with reduced environmental impact, so called eco-efficiency. Many businesses working with investments place those in businesses with an active CSR work, so called Social Responsible Investments.

The social responsibility involves maintaining good work conditions, happy employees and a diversity among the employees regarding sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disabilities and other values. No group may be discriminated or excluded. The community involvement can include voluntary jobs during work hours, disaster aid, donations and collaboration with voluntary organizations, to highlight vulnerable groups and joint activities.

An increasing number of companies, municipalities, counties, authorities and organizations find that CSR matters are important and go from being a matter of conscience or PR strategy to become a central part of the business. With an active CSR work you build yor brand, get positive values associated to you and also improved profit.

Education with SmartDriving means things like:

Better competitiveness

Better driving economy

Reduced environmental impact

Cost efficiency

Reduced repair costs

 Reduce tyre wear

Safer transports

Happier drivers

Eco-driving with a passenger car
A view at how to save both the environment and fuel.

Eco-driving with a lorry
View the trailer for examples of eco-driving with a lorry.

Eco-driving with a bus
View selected parts of Smartdriving's web based education with a bus.

Eco-driving with a company car
Examples from the education in eco-driving for company car drivers.

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