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About is the natural Internet venue for people who use vehicles privately or in their work, and care about the environment. wishes to in an easily available way inform and educate road-users who go by car, lorry, bus, mc, motorhome and/or contractor vehicles in order to get these to release less exhaust fumes and pollution.

We aim at all related parties: companies, societies, car pools, municipalities, authorities, organisations, private motorists and so on.

We consider good leadership being the key to through environmental work improve both society and the environment.

We want to enable You to educate your staff, customers and suppliers in "smart" driving and in that way contribute to reducing the green house effect as well as saving money.

Even you as a private motorist have the possibility to take part of

Our experiences are that environmental work can become an advantageous strategy for everyone involved - You, the world around and the environment.


The portal consists of two parts:

  • An information venue where we collect information relating to economical and generally smart driving.
  • An educational portal which contains modern, visual trainings through web TV for professional drivers and private motorists.

The educational portal supplies information where one can listen to advice from experts such as traffic instructors, tyre manufacturers, doctors and environmental experts. gives you opportunities to become certified though self correcting tests and in an easy way get your questions and thoughts about eco driving answered.

When you have completed the web based education, you receive a diploma. The portal runs completely from the web, which means you don't have to install any additional software.

The only thing you need as a visitor is a computer with an Internet connection!

Eco-driving with a passenger car
A view at how to save both the environment and fuel.

Eco-driving with a lorry
View the trailer for examples of eco-driving with a lorry.

Eco-driving with a bus
View selected parts of Smartdriving's web based education with a bus.

Eco-driving with a company car
Examples from the education in eco-driving for company car drivers.

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