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Company car
Calculate carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption
Type of fuel
Driving distance km/year
Consumption l/100 km
Fuel cost EUR/l
Fuel savings with eco-driving %
Consumption 800 l
Eco-driving 720 l
Fuel 1264 EUR
Eco-driving 1137 EUR
CO2 emissions 1888 kg
Eco-driving 1699 kg
Savings 126 EUR
Reduced CO2 188 kg

Calculate your carbon dioxide emissions

Right above you can make an overview calculation of your fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions. The calculation is preset to 10% fuel savings with eco-driving. Depending on your previous driving habits, you can alter how big savings you can achieve after have completed an education in eco-driving.

Savings with eco-driving
By driving eco-driving you can yearly save great amounts. For example the fuel costs for a haulage contractor can consist of 18-24% of the total expenses. Similar numbers can be derived for both cars and buses.

With eco-driving you can save up to 25% of the fuel costs, reduce the costs for wear and repairs at the same time you contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Below follows a few calculations based on a customer case from a haulage contractor who had their drivers take the SmartDriving education in eco-driving.

The calculations are based on vehicles fueled by diesel with a cost at 16 SEK/litre. A lorry or bus in average consumes about 40 litre/100 km. Even drivers of personal or company cars who have an average consumption of 8 litre/100 km can yearly save a lot of money with eco-driving. The total savings consists of a combination of driving habits before the education and to which degree the advice are assimilated.

If you have a petrol fueled vehicle, the carbon dioxide emissions are about 93% of the values mentioned below. However the fuel consumption is higher with petrol.

Besides reduced costs and emissions, the yearly tyre wear is reduced by about 2% and the cost for repairs by 15% if you drive eco-driving.


Tables for yearly purchase of fuel
100.000 SEK -  1.000.000 SEK Savings
1.500.000 SEK -  5.000.000 SEK Savings
10.000.000 SEK -  50.000.000 SEK Savings
60.000.000 SEK -  100.000.000 SEK Savings


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